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Getting rid of a hive safely

We’ve all seen movies where kids throw rocks to the hive. It is often the poor kid, trying to get everyone to stop you get the point. This can also be successful in your childhood, or you have witnessed in your children. In fact, wasps, bees, Bumble and bumble bees can be very dangerous. If you are not allergic too many stings can still be deadly. If you are allergic to all it takes is a prick. Not to mention anyone has ever had getting stung on their to do list. Being stung is painful, even if the allergy is not the concern.

These insects have their place in this world and who are we to tell them they are not? The only exception is when their house is your living room or play area for children. Too often you find a nest in the eaves of your House, in your child’s tree climbs, or even their home game. What about dad? Poor dad is out there stacking wood and gets stung. Who knew that they were in the woodpile? Tipping hazard can really ruin someone’s day. So how do you safely remove a beehive?

This is an area where an expert is recommended. Believe it or not these little creatures can make fairly large houses for themselves. If you’re talking about a tiny little nest in the House play maybe just spray with a spray can of WaSP and Hornet and knock down the hive. However, if you talk to a hive that is in the gutter at home, this could be a lot bigger than you think. These creatures can be deadly, and in the interest of protecting children and yourself that would be best left to the experts verify the removal is complete and done safely.

Many times people want to remove the creatures don’t kill them. While this may be desirable, it is not always possible. In some cases a nest established start in your home’s eaves and continue along the walls. In some cases the weight of honey can ceiling cave. A beekeeper may be able to assist, but this time it may be best to call pest control. They will be able to administer a chemical to creatures before you get angry. If you call at the beginning of an infestation may be able to minimize the damage.

While we like to watch nature in nature nobody wants in their home or on their patio. If you find that you have a beehive contact a professional to assess the situation. Protect your family and get tips on how to keep this from recurring.

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