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Furniture Medic-clinic set-up

Requests to open and run a clinic are many. Unfortunately, you can’t go down to the Club Rooms To Go and collect a full set of medical furniture to meet all your needs. Until such time that the box stores get in providing special equipment, clinic owners must find specialty stores to get what they need. Do you know right off the bat that you will need to supply the waiting room and treatment rooms, but if you need some ideas on specific categories, here are some to consider:


The clinic will hopefully be busy you will need a waiting room to accommodate your patients. No one likes to wait for a doctor’s appointment, but it’s a fact of life in the world of health, not to mention the fact that the walk-in clinics are more popular than ever. Waiting for someone to walk in and see the doctor without waiting is going to be disappointed. You can mitigate that disappointment by offering best chairs furniture medical supply stores can provide. You better not skimp in this area, although the temptation is there. The waiting room is that they will see first thing potential patients. A first impression lingers, though is not that important in the grand scheme of things.

Kids Stuff

If you are opening a Pediatric Clinic and will suit the waiting rooms and surgeries in the same way that you would a clinic for adults, you could make a big mistake. This is where you can leave your creative flag fly. Children are often bored and sometimes nervous about their appointment. Give them mobile doctors put them at ease, take their minds off the impending appointment and make them View the clinic as a place where they don’t mind coming. Unusually shaped chairs, toy boxes and cabinets with bright and vibrant facades can make a huge difference in the perception of your clinic.


When you buy medical furniture, keep in mind that some patients will need special accommodations. If anyone above a certain weight comes into the waiting room, for example, regular chairs may not be suitable for him or her. This is especially true if you’ve opted for chairs with arms to the sides. Do these people stay or ask the Secretary to a special Chair. This is embarrassing and could easily drive a patient who would otherwise been happy. Anticipate these situations and chairs that can accommodate people of all sizes and stripes.

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